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Department of English

We aim at cultivating professionals with fluent English and an extensive knowledge of British and American culture. Through the TOEIC Contest and English Speech Contest as well as the English Drama Festival, we encourage students to enhance their practical English proficiency and creativity. The English magazine, Hankyong Chronicle, is contributing to the enhancement of student's writing and planning ability. The Research Center for British and American Language and Culture plays a pivotal role in developing the foundation for research on British and American culture, English linguistics, and English education, as well as research exchange with related institutions.

LocationT116, Human and Social Science Building

Introduction to Curriculum

The Curriculum is comprised of English conversation courses with native-speaking professors, English grammar, Understanding of British and American literature, English teaching methods, English phonetics, English semantics, and English syntax, designed to enhance English skills and understanding of British and American culture.


Graduates work in various fields related to English linguistics, English education, British and American literature and culture, and global exchange: further study at graduate schools, working in the fields of education, public sector related to English-speaking foreigners, trade and business administration, interpretation and translation, journalism, culture and publication, finance, and tourism(travel agency and airline).