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Graduate schoolGraduate School of Electronic Government

Graduate School of Electronic Government

The Graduate School of Public Policy

As the lifespan of knowledge and information in the knowledge information society is becoming shorter day by day, retraining government officials and public officials is considered an urgent issue for national power. Thus, the Graduate School of Electronic Government pursues lifelong learning, hands-on learning, open learning, and information learning.
Lifelong learning allows government officials to acquire further learning in knowledge information to broaden their views and nurtures their analytical skills and problem-solving skills to produce quality information. The curriculums are designed to surpass the conventional boundaries of education and include courses that offer hands-on learning. Also, long-distance learning systems have been introduced to alleviate time and space restrictions for local government officials. In addition, information learning allows them to learn useful information technologies and nurture the abilities to utilize them in everyday task-processing and in administrative services.

LocationA216, Administration Building